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LAMB 4 Sale & HL

  • Nov. 28th, 2007 at 6:07 PM
Jared Leto nd Me

Buy before Ebayed tonight!

  • Nov. 26th, 2007 at 7:00 PM
Jared Leto nd Me
Ltd. Interlocking "L" bracelet NIB
Wind it up key necklace, comes on 14k chain
Norma Jeans size 2 in perfect condition
Jared Leto nd Me
I will add pic's as I coninue to add more items.

Fall '04 lammie cammie oatmeal pants, great condition sixe Med asking $350.00 OBO

Spring '07
White mexi tank, brand new minus tags attaches XS $40
Pink Staff Icon Tee XS $50

White wallpaper shorts, brand new, without tag attached size small $45
Born to blossom watch in GREAT condition $115 shipped, stored in box with all etc...

HL, first class bag in the logo hearts print. Used ONCE! $40


red diamond Tank, xs too big on me!$40

Small wind it up tour hoody, it's BIG $100retail & new plus shipping(it's heavy)

For good $$ 1st season original WDMLG signature print large Hobo!Taking offer for now!

any ouestions, only serious interested lambies PLEASE!

Also, payment is preffered at time of agreement
Jared Leto nd Me
MUST SELL by tonight on hear or I'm doing a 24 hour auction!!!
Price doesn't include shipping but I can do first class, with DC.
Email me asap if u want something to
paypal only please!

JUST ADDED...I'm geeting desperate!
REASONABLE Offers on a perfect condition size small "Valentine Cashmere HoodY"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

For all the newbies Keep in mind this was hard to get and is a sought after item.

my "backup Key necklace"

1st season LAMB small Beaded Hobo

1st Season sig print Wallet

1st season wristlette



HL small Brown TSIB tee $15

Size 4 NEW Mexican Dress $130
LAMB white small bird crest banner tee $25
Black microphone tee XS $25
XS Olive Broken phone sweats $50
Hollywood Tee From Fall'06 white sz small new $25
Olive Small Are you lamb enough sweats New $50 RARE

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  • Mar. 15th, 2007 at 1:45 PM
Jared Leto nd Me
So, Tayler and I got to see the Tokidoki bags in person yesterday and we both want one. I don't have a problem paying full price for me but for her it's a different story, she's turning 13 soon and still is carless with her things. She is interesed in the pirate print so if any of my friends out there on LJ are selling please let me know!!

Help needed, what should I wear???

  • Jan. 31st, 2007 at 7:09 PM
Jared Leto nd Me
We have an event coming up in February that is an annual BIG party! The Hookersball (www.hookersball.info)Last year was the first time we went and I dressed up as a sexed up Burlesque Gwen. This type of thing is completly out of the norm for me, I'm a bit insecure and modest. Well since this year I'm down to 100lbs, I figure I can fit into whatever! So, I have decided I want my look to be very 20-40's burlesque dita style. I'm just not a HO/Stripper so I can't pull that off.

So, I'm telling you this to help me pick between some outfits I have found that I think would suit my personality and style. Please help and give me your vote, I need to order as soon as possible!
Thanks for taking the time to look at this boring entry!

Crazy Ass Night

  • Jan. 21st, 2007 at 12:16 AM
Jared Leto nd Me
Went with some freinds to VA Beach to Supernova, remeber the show ROCKSTAR w/ Dave Navarro, Tommy Lee, etc.... Well the show kicked ass, we were in front row got great pic's and Backstage passes for the after party. I don't have much to say about that other than I was glad to meet Lukas he kicks ass and "T-Lee" is old and needs to get over himself!
Fun Pics!!

Sandy and Me



If u love and support 30 Seconds to Mars

  • Dec. 8th, 2006 at 7:04 PM
Jared Leto nd Me
U can click here to buy exclusive, limited merchandise!!!!

paypal/ebay codes current???

  • Oct. 29th, 2006 at 10:15 AM
Jared Leto nd Me
I know ebay/paypal has an october "fashion purchase" code, the one I'm trying: C-OCT2006FASHION isn't working. Anyone know what it is??????

I'm a dork

  • Oct. 6th, 2006 at 3:55 PM
Jared Leto nd Me
But I just found this outfit online today and obsessivly hunted one down for the best deal!
I bought it from revolve clothing and used my $100 off a $200 purchase, so that's an awesome buy!
Sway & Cake also has the hoody and they have a 25% off code right now.
Just wanted to share my excitement :P

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